Adelasia di Torres

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The project was born through Renato Azara’s visionary idea who combined the SYS experience with some of the most talented European sailors in order to setup a strong and winning sailing team.

Thanks to his lifelong experience in both crew & yacht management, it allowed him an advantage and valuable insight in guiding the team.
Caterina Nitto manages the project. With more than 20 years out at sea and countless miles of experience around the world as captain of sailing and motor yachts, she is the right person to coordinate the team on board and ashore.
Some of the most skilled sailors alternate in different roles on board according to the kind of regattas (offshore, inshore, one design…).

Besides the racing team, Renato’s dream is to create a location in Sardinia where youngsters are able to get familiar with sailing and trained from their first steps onboard to become a professional sailor…or maybe a skipper!

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