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Over twenty years’ experience in the industry has allowed us to become one of the foremost yacht supply companies. Our dedicated team prides itself in assisting our clients in the smooth process of ordering and receiving the best selection of luxury goods.

F&B seeks to provide the widest possible range of premium quality food and drink products to superyachts and villas on the coast of Sardinia. Due to our professional and agile team we are able to assist you in providing your guests with an unforgettable experience here in Sardinia.

Our selection comprises of a vast range of selected seasonal local, national and international fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and best quality meat and dairy products to guarantee a unique taste.

We provide premium wines, champagne, spirits, drinks and cigars from local partners as well as from national and international suppliers.

Our trusted florist can provide you with the creation of handmade fresh floral arrangements expertly crafted to satisfy your requirements.

We also aid you in acquiring medicines, cosmetics, personal care products, essential on-board housekeeping items and linens.

Our professional agility enables us to be able to adapt and respond to your quickly to your needs and timing of deliveries.

We are also available on WhatsApp +393473942431.

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