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SYS Logistics is ready to aid our clients with inbound and outbound shipments of goods and documents as well as offering all necessary assistance with customs formalities relating to goods arriving from non-EU countries.

Goods and documents arriving from non-EU countries will be consigned to you accompanied by the required TI document.

For non-EU crew members receiving personal incoming permanent or temporary shipments we will request the release of an EORI code from the Customs Agency/ Agenzia delle Dogane.

SYS Logistics relentlessly strives to find the fastest most suitable solutions in order to offer our clients the most professional service available. Hence the strategic choice by SYS to become an “Exclusive Partner” with DHL Sardinia.

Logistical services are a critical phase during the cruising of a yacht. As reception times are often very tight our SYS agency can offer a temporary storage facility for goods and documents.

Shipping Address:

  • (Yacht Name) C/O SYS
  • Viale Isola Bianca 32
  • Shipments
  • 07026 – Olbia / Italy

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